Press Conference by the Prime Minister regarding a Telephone Talk with Russian President Vladimir Putin

October 7, 2021
[Provisional Translation]

(Regarding a summit telephone talk with President Vladimir Putin)

I had a summit telephone talk with Russian President Vladimir Putin today, starting at 5:30 PM for approximately 25 minutes. At the outset, President Putin conveyed his congratulations on my inauguration as prime minister, while I offered birthday wishes to President Putin whose birthday falls on today. I then stated that I would like to develop overall Japan-Russia relations in a mutually beneficial manner, including the issue of concluding a peace treaty. In response, President Putin stated that he intended to continue dialogue concerning all bilateral issues. President Putin and I then confirmed that we will firmly work on the peace treaty negotiations based on the various agreements reached between the two countries so far, including the agreement concluded in Singapore in 2018. I would like to build a relationship of trust going forward through repeated talks with President Putin to advance Japan-Russia relations as a whole.


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