Statement by Prime Minister KISHIDA Fumio

October 4, 2021
Cabinet Decision
[Provisional translation]

Today I was designated prime minister and a new cabinet was launched through a coalition between the Liberal Democratic Party and Komeito. I will invest all my heart, mind, and strength into fulfilling my duties.

In order to protect the daily lives of the Japanese people and increase their incomes, as my priority policies, I will work to implement measures to counter COVID-19, actualize a new capitalism through a virtuous cycle of growth and distribution, and pursue diplomacy and security that fully protect the Japanese people.

To materialize these, it will be critically important to engage in politics that is attentive to the voices of individual citizens, reacts to those diverse voices with sincerity, and gives them concrete shape, and politics worthy of trust and sympathy. As the basis of my political administration, I will attach importance to having thorough discussions with you, the citizens.

I pledge to you, the citizens, three things: that I myself will go out into the fields to interact personally and directly with citizens, listen to the opinions expressed by the people, and reflect those into policies; that I will work to foster a society that respects individuality and diversity; and that I will aim to create a society in which people help one other.

We will forge a new era together with you, the citizens.


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