(Provisional Translation)

Statement by Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi

October 8, 2001

Prime Minister Koizumi issued this statement at his press conference late at night (around 11:00 p.m.) after the meeting of the Emergency Anti-Terrorism Headquarters and the special Cabinet meeting.

1.International terrorism is a despicable act that threatens the lives and lifestyles of the people all over the world and the peace and security of all the countries in the world. Right now, overwhelming number of the countries of the world, irrespective of differences on other issues, are united in condemning and fighting against inhumane act of terrorism. Japan strongly supports the actions by the United States and other countries in order to prevent and eradicate international terrorism, and will provide all possible cooperation. I have already conveyed these positions of Japan to President Bush in our telephone conversation early this morning.

2.Japan regards the fight against terrorism as its own challenge, and has been taking effective counter-measures on its own initiatives. Furthermore, at the meeting of the Emergency Anti-Terrorism Headquarters which I have chaired, we have decided to take the following urgent steps.
(1) First, we will enhance security measures in order to ensure the safety of the people in Japan.
One measure is to enhance our activities to obtain terrorism related information in order to monitor terrorist activities.
Another is to conduct thorough immigration control inspections in order to block the entry of terrorists into Japan.
A third is to strengthen security measures at the airports, such as thorough baggage inspections, in order to prevent hijacking.
A fourth is to reinforce the security of not only important Japanese facilities but also the U.S. and other facilities.
By taking these and other steps, we will do our utmost to abort terrorist attacks and protect the environment in which people can live in peace.
(2)Second, we will work to ensure the safety of the Japanese nationals overseas and assist in their evacuations. Particularly for the Japanese nationals in Pakistan and its neighboring countries, we are already making means for evacuation at our disposal, and will take appropriate responses according to the circumstances.
(3)Third, we will work to enact the Anti-Terrorism Special Measure Bill and other legislation as soon as possible, in order to actively contribute to the international efforts to prevent and eradicate terrorism.
(4)Fourth, we will expeditiously discharge humanitarian, economic and other assistance to those affected countries according to their necessity.
(5)Fifth, we will intensify our measures to cut off terrorist funding, for example by strengthening anti-money laundering measures.
(6)Sixth, we will take appropriate measures to ensure that the stability of our economic systems and the life of the people in Japan will not be endangered by terrorism.
(7)Seventh, we will expeditiously provide to the people in Japan necessary information.

3.Japan will do all in its power to prevent and eradicate terrorism in order to protect the peace and security of itself and the rest of the international community. I hereby wish to call upon the understanding and cooperation of the people of Japan.