Chief Cabinet Secretary

Photo of ABE

Shinzo ABE

Date of birth: September 21, 1954
Member of the House of Representatives
Constituency: Yamaguchi 4th district (Elected 5 times)

1977Graduated from the Department of Political Science of the Faculty of Law, Seikei University

Oct.2005Chief Cabinet Secretary
Sep.2004Acting Secretary-General of LDP
Sep.2003Secretary General of LDP
Apr.2001Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary (Koizumi Cabinet)
Jan.2001Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary (2nd Mori Reshuffle Cabinet)
Dec.2000Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary (2nd Mori Reshuffle Cabinet)
Jul.2000Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary (2nd Mori Cabinet)
Oct.1999Director of the LDP Social Affairs Division
Oct.1999Director of Committee on Health and Welfare, House of Representatives
Jul.1993Elected for the first time to the House of Representatives
Nov.1982Executive Assistant to the Minister for Foreign Affairs
Apr.1979Entered Kobe Steel Ltd.