Chairman of the National Public Safety Commission
Minister for Civil Service Reform
Minister for the Abduction Issue

Photo of Kansei NAKANO

Date of Birth: November 26, 1940
Place of Birth: Nagasaki City, Nagasaki Prefecture
Electoral District:House of Representatives; The 8th electoral district of Osaka Prefecture; 11th term
Education: Graduated from Faculty of Law, Kansai University in March 1963

Political Career
Jan. 2011:Chairman of the National Public Safety Commission/Minister for Civil Service Reform/Minister for the Abduction Issue (2nd Reshuffled Kan Cabinet)
Aug. 2009:Made a comeback in the 45th House of Representatives election; Served as Chairperson of the Deliberative Council on Political Ethics and a member of the Standing Committee on Discipline
Aug. 2005:The House of Representatives dissolved; Lost his Diet seat in the House of Representatives election on September 11
Nov. 2003:Won a House of Representatives seat ten consecutive terms; Served as Vice Speaker of the 62nd House of Representatives
Feb. 2002:Served as Deputy Chairperson of the Research Commission on the Constitution, House of Representatives
Jul. 2000:Served as Chairperson of the committee on the foreign affairs, House of Representatives
Aug. 1998:Served as Chairperson of the special committee on the financial stabilization, House of Representatives
Dec. 1976:Won a House of Representatives seat for the first time
Served in posts such as Chairperson of the Standing Committee for House Management and a member of the Local Government System Research Council
May 1966:Elected to the Toyonaka Municipal Assembly in Osaka Prefecture, and then elected three consecutive terms
Successively acted as Chairman of the Antipollution Measures Committee, Chairman of the assembly steering committee, and Vice Speaker

Personal Motto: No exaltation in prosperity, no low-spirits in adversity.

Hobbies: All genres of music

Literary Work: "Creation of a fraternal nation" published by Fuji Social Education Center

Family: Wife, two daughters, and mother