[Provisional Translation]

Special Action Plan on Countermeasures to Cyber-terrorism of Critical
Infrastructure (Summary)

1. Goals

Cyber terrorism has the potential to have a large impact on people's lives and on the economic activities of business using telecommunications networks and information systems. The goal is to protect the critical infrastructure from such attacks.

2. Target Areas of Critical Infrastructure

Telecommunications, finance, aviation, railroads, electrical power, gas, government/ administrative services (including regional public organizations).

3. Cyber Terrorism Countermeasures by Government and the Private Sector

(1) Prevention of damage (raise security level)
In order to prevent damage, risk analysis will be performed for the information systems of the target critical infrastructures, and measures will be implemented according to the importance of the information system. This will be part of the effort to continually raise security level in each of the fields with critical infrastructure.

(2) Establish and enhance communication and coordination systems between government and the private sector
Establish and enhance systems for the government and private sector to coordinate prevention, response, and sharing of security data (data required to improve security) as well as warning information (information needed for emergency response and warnings, such as data on the occurrence of cyber attacks).

(3) Detection and emergency response to cyber attacks through cooperation between government and the private sector
In addition to deciding how to handle cyber attacks in each of the critical infrastructure areas, or suspected attacks, strengthen the response capabilities of the government and private sector overall.

(4) Establish foundations of information security
Work to establish the fundamentals of information security, including personnel training, research and development, widespread application, and appropriate laws and regulations, in order to further develop countermeasures to cyber-terrorism.

(5) International cooperation
Since cyber attacks can be perpetrated across national borders, to appropriately handle this kind of attack, promote and develop international cooperation.

4. Action Plan Revisions

This action plan is the first version, focused on establishing a means of communication and coordination between the government and the private sector. The government will periodically review and revise this plan as required, according to future progress and developments.