Establishment of the IT Strategy Headquarters

7 July 2000
Cabinet decision
  1. The IT Strategy Headquarters (hereinafter "the Headquarters") is hereby established within the Cabinet to represent Japan's efforts in the global IT revolution. The Headquarters' purpose is to enable all Japanese citizens to enjoy the benefits of the IT revolution and to comprehensively promote measures aimed at developing Japan into an internationally competitive "nation built on IT."

  2. The members comprising the Headquarters shall be as follows:
    Chief: Prime Minister
    Deputy Chiefs: Chief Cabinet Secretary, Minister in charge of IT, Minister of Posts and Telecommunications, Minister of International Trade and Industry
    Members: Minister of Justice, Minister for Foreign Affairs, Minister of Finance, Minister of Education, Minister of Health and Welfare, Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Minister of Transport, Minister of Labour, Minister of Construction, Minister of Home Affairs, Chair of the National Public Safety Commission, Chair of the Financial Reconstruction Commission, Director-General of the Management and Coordination Agency, Director-General of the Hokkaido Development Agency, Director-General of the Defense Agency, Director-General of the Economic Planning Agency, Director-General of the Science and Technology Agency, Director-General of the Environment Agency, Director-General of the Okinawa Development Agency, Director-General of the National Land Agency.
    Note: Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretaries (Parliamentary and Administrative) also attend Headquarters meetings.
    The Director may request the attendance of other relevant persons when deemed necessary.

  3. An IT Strategy Council (hereinafter "the Council") consisted of persons with superior insight is hereby installed under the auspices of the Headquarters, in order to carry out strategic, focused deliberations on the promotion of the IT revolution. The Chief may convene joint meetings of the Council and the Headquarters as necessary. Other necessary matters concerning the Council shall be determined by the Chief.

  4. In addition to the Council, the Chief may request other gatherings and statements of opinion from eminent persons as necessary.

  5. The general affairs of the Headquarters shall be administered at the Cabinet Secretariat, with cooperation from the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, the Ministry of International Trade and Industry and other relevant ministries and agencies.

  6. Other necessary items, including those pertaining to the operation of the Headquarters, shall be determined by the Chief.

  7. The Advanced Information and Telecommunications Society Promotion Headquarters (hereinafter "the Promotion Headquarters") established by the Cabinet decision of 2 August 1994 is hereby dissolved. The matters thus far determined by the Promotion Headquarters and the committees and sub-committees established and convened under the Promotion Headquarters by decision of the Director of the Promotion Headquarters (with the exception of the Advisory Council of the Promotion Headquarters) shall be taken over by the Headquarters.