1. Building a national IT (Information Technology) strategy

  2. Overall examination of current regulations and establishment of new rules, including regulatory reform, to promote e-commerce (EC)

    (1) Overall examination and prompt review of factors hindering IT revolution, including systems which regulate transactions and business on the Internet (e.g. requirement such as preparation of documents and meetings, establishment of offices, etc.).

    (2) Preparation of rules suited to the special nature of EC, contents and other information transactions

  3. Realization of e-government

    (1) Improvement of administrative services through early realization of e-government

    (2) Improvement of administrative services through promotion of local e-government

  4. Improvement of IT literacy, Development of human resources

    (1) IT and education

    (2) Nation wide improvement of computer & internet literacy

    (3) Development and increase of human resource well-versed in IT

  5. Development and advanced IT infrastructure and hardware / software, Promotion of competition among private sectors

    (3) Development of IT infrastructure and promotion of competition among private sectors for the purpose of lowering the charge and enhancing the convenience of telecommunications services

    (4) Preparation of legal framework in accordance with the integration of telecommunications and broadcasting.

    (5) Development of common infrastructure of IT (e.g. Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), Geographic Information Systems (GIS))

    (6) Promotion of contents development

    (7) Strengthening of technical capacities by mobilizing the expertise of the private sectors

  6. Development of systems underpinning EC

    (1) Protection of intellectual property rights

    (2) Protection of personal data

    (3) IT Security