Prime Minister's News Update


Monday, October 11

Ministerial Conference for Economic Measures
Approves Policy Measures for Economic Rebirth

The government's Ministerial Conference for Economic Measures met and approved Policy Measures for Economic Rebirth, a package designed to achieve a smooth transition from public-sector-led growth to private-sector-led growth, and to put the Japanese economy back on the path of full-fledged recovery at the earliest possible date. The package included specific measures to (1) tap the dynamism of the Japanese economy, (2) consolidate the new foundation for development in the twenty-first century, (3) revitalize financial markets and securitize real estate, and (4) address other areas. Altogether, projects worth about 17 trillion yen--or about 18 trillion yen with the inclusion of measures in connection with the care insurance system to be inaugurated in April 2000--were to be implemented without delay.


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