Minister of Defense

Photo of Yasukazu Hamada

Yasukazu HAMADA

Date of birth: October 21, 1955
Constituency: Member of the House of Representatives
Chiba Prefecture 12th district (Elected 5 times)

Mar. 1980Graduated from School of Business Administration,
Senshu University

Sep. 2008Minister of Defense
Sep. 2007Chairman, Research Commission on Fishery Policies of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP)
Oct. 2006Deputy Chairman, Research Commission on Security, LDP
Sep. 2006Chairman, Special Committee on Prevention of International Terrorism and Japan's Cooperation and Support, Humanitarian Assistance for Reconstruction in Iraq, the House of Representatives (HR)
Sep. 2005Chairman, Standing Committee on Security, HR
Sep. 2004Deputy Chairman, Diet Affairs Committee, LDP
Sep. 2003Senior Vice Minister for Defense
Oct. 2002Director, National Defense Division, LDP
May 2001Deputy Chairman, Policy Research Council, LDP
Dec. 2000Deputy Secretary-General, LDP
Jun. 2000Senior Director, Standing Committee on Security, HR
Jul. 1998Parliamentary Vice Minister for Defense
Jul. 1993Elected as a Member of House of Representatives