Minister of Defense

Photo of Koike
Yuriko KOIKE

Date of birth: July 15, 1952
Place of registry: Hyogo Prefecture
Member of the House of Representatives
Constituency: Tokyo 10th district (Elected 5 times to the House of Representatives, elected once to the House of Councillors)

Graduated from the Department of Sociology, Faculty of Arts, Cairo University in October 1976

Career in Outline:
July 2007Present Assignment
September 2006Special Advisor to the Prime Minister for National Security Affairs
September 2004Minister of the Environment
Minister of State for Okinawa and Northern Territories Affairs
September 2003Minister of the Environment
June 2000Member of the Committee on Economy, Trade and Industry, Committee on Foreign Affairs, Committee on Security, Committee on Rules and Administration, H.R.
October 1999Parliamentary Secretary for the Economic Planning Coordination
November 1998Director, Standing Committee on Finance, H.R.
September 1997Chair of the Standing Committee on Science and Technology, H.R.
August 1993Vice-Minister of Management and Coordination Agency
July 1993Elected to the House of Representatives (H.R. 5 terms up to the present)
August 1992Elected to the House of Councillors

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