Profile of Prime Minister Keizo Obuchi


Brief Personal History

June 25,1937 Born in Gunma Prefecture.
1962 Graduates from the School of Literature of Waseda University (majoring in English Literature).
1963 Elected for the first time to the House of Representatives (H.R.). Is now serving his twelfth term.
1970 Appointed Parliamentary Vice-Minister of Posts and Telecommunications.
1972 Appointed Parliamentary Vice-Minister of Construction.
1973 Appointed Deputy Director General of the Prime Minister's Office.
1974 Appointed Deputy Chairman, Diet Affairs Committee, Liberal Democratic Party (LDP).
1976 Appointed Chairman, H.R. Committee on Finance.
1979 Appointed Director General, Prime Minister's Office and Director General, Okinawa Development Agency (Minister of State).
1982 Appointed Chairman, H.R. Special Committee on Security.
1984 Appointed LDP Deputy Secretary General.
1986 Appointed Chairman, H.R. Committee on the Budget.
1987 Appointed Chief Cabinet Secretary.
1991 Appointed LDP Secretary General.
1994 Appointed LDP Vice-President.
1996 Appointed Chairman, LDP Special Committee on External Economic Cooperation
1997 Appointed Minister for Foreign Affairs.
1998 Elected President of the LDP.
July.1998 Elected Prime Minister.