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Statement by Chief Cabinet Secretary Yasuo Fukuda

(On the occasion of the Cabinet decision on the Basic Planj

November 16, 2001

Since the terrorist attacks in the United States on September 11, the Government of Japan has done its utmost to cooperate with the rest of the international community in its endeavors to prevent and eradicate international terrorism, in order to protect peace and security in the international community including Japan.

Since the adoption of Anti-Terrorism Special Measures Law, the Government of Japan has been preparing to implement response measures under the law as soon as possible, and today decided on the Basic Plan in the Cabinet meeting. It is now important that the Basic Plan be steadily implemented, with close cooperation amongst relevant government agencies. The Government will begin to implement the response measures stipulated in the Basic Plan such as cooperation and support activities by Self-Defense Forces units as well as assistance activities to Afghan refugees and displaced people.

Needless to say, the Government will continue to act proactively to ensure the safety of the state and its people on its own initiative but under international cooperation. However, it is no easy task to eradicate international terrorism. Thus it is necessary to advance various measures from the long-term perspective including diplomatic and economic measures in a comprehensive manner. Hence, on this occasion, I wish to explain the effort of the Japanese government's efforts to fight against terrorism, in addition to the implementation of the Basic Plan.

1. Japan will enhance its assistance to Afghan refugees and displaced people, for which urgent actions are needed as winter approaches.

2. On the basis of the recent developments, Japan will support the Afghan people's efforts at reconciliation, and play an active role in order to promote the efforts for humanitarian and reconstruction assistance.

3. The Japanese government will continue to take measures to ensure the safety of Japanese nationals.

4. Enhancing international cooperation is important in tackling terrorism. Therefore, Japan will promote cooperation in gathering and analyzing information on the international situation of terrorism, as well as in international cooperation to prevent terrorism.

5. Furthermore, in order to strengthen international solidarity against terrorist attacks, support for neighbouring countries of Afghanistan is important. In particular, it is vital to continue our support for Pakistan which is confronting formidable domestic problems, and Japan has decided to provide further economic assistance to Pakistan.
Japan will continue to consider assistance for other neighbouring countries, including the provision of additional assistance, while closely observing the development of the situations.

6. While taking a resolute stance in fighting terrorism, it is important to promote international dialogues intended for mutual understanding and cooperation. Japan will further advance its dialogue and cooperation with countries having various cultures and religions. In addition to these, Japan will make further engage in efforts to resolve major international political issues, particularly the issue of Middle East peace.

@The Government of Japan will steadfastly advance the above measures, and will continue to do its utmost to provide promptly accurate information to the people. I would like to seek further understanding and cooperation of the people.

ANNEX : Specific Measures