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Japan Tourism Advisory Council

January 14, 2003
Prime Minister's Decision

  1. Purpose
    From the viewpoint of increasing international exchange and revitalizing the Japanese economy, it has become important to make Japan a tourism-based county by creating, rediscovering and maintaining the natural environment, historic heritage and culture which constitute our tourism resources and publicizing those assets at home and abroad.

    Various efforts have been made toward this end. However, many issues remain such as, for example, the fact that while the number of Japanese people traveling abroad has reached approximately 16 million, the number of foreign tourists who visit Japan remains at around 5 million people. Therefore, a strategic approach to the issue of tourism is required, under an integrated government policy.

    To that end, the Japan Tourism Advisory Council (hereinafter referred to as "the Advisory Council") shall be convened to study from a broad perspective the basic modalities of Japan as a tourism-based country.

  2. Composition
    (1)The Advisory Council consists of the experts noted in the attachment, and the Prime Minister shall convene its meetings.
    (2)The Prime Minister shall request a chairperson from among the experts.
    (3)The Advisory Council, where necessary, may request the attendance of concerned parties other than members of the Advisory Council.

  3. Other
    The administrative affairs of the Advisory Council shall be handled by the Cabinet Secretariat with the cooperation of relevant administrative organizations.


Members of the Japan Tourism Advisory Council

Kayo AoyamaFreelance Announcer
Shuzo IshimoriProfessor, Department Director of Social Research, National Museum of Ethnology
Shosabro KimuraProfessor Emeritus, the University of Tokyo
Akira KojimaEditorial Page Editor, Nihon Keizai Shimbun
Yumiko SatoDepartment Director of Research Institute on Continuity and Change in Life, Suntory Ltd.
Haruo ShimadaProfessor, Faculty of Economics, Keio University; Special Advisor to the Cabinet Office
Shuji TakashinaProfessor Emeritus, the University of Tokyo
Shinji FukukawaSenior Advisor, Global Industrial and Social Progress Research Institute; Senior Advisor, Dentsu Inc.
Hiroaki FujiiPresident, Japan Foundation
Mari ChristineCross-Cultural Communicator
Kansai YamamotoDesigner/ Producer

* Members are listed in the Japanese alphabetical order.