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Establishment of the Headquarters for Administrative Reform

December 19, 2000
Cabinet Decision

  1. In order to ensure that the reform of central ministries and agencies results in concrete progress, and to advance focused and planned implementation of the General Principle of Administrative Reform (Cabinet Decision of December 1, 2000), and to strive to advance comprehensive and proactive administrative reform within the Government, Headquarters for Administrative Reform (hereinafter referred to as the "Headquarters") shall be established within the Cabinet.

  2. The Headquarters shall be composed of the following members.
    Chief of the Headquarters:Prime Minister
    Acting Chief of the Headquarters:Minister of State for Administrative and Regulatory Reform
    Deputy-Chief of the Headquarters:Chief Cabinet Secretary and Minister of Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications
    Members:All other Ministers of State
    The Meetings of the Headquarters shall be attended by the Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretaries (both parliamentary and administrative).
    In addition, the attendance of the President of the National Personnel Authority and the Chairman of the Fair Trade Commission may be requested.
    Furthermore, the Chief of the Headquarters may request the attendance of relevant persons when deemed necessary.

  3. The Chief of the Headquarters, when necessary, may call upon the relevant experts to attend and express their views.

  4. The administrative matters of the Headquarters shall be handled by the Cabinet Secretariat with the cooperation of the relevant administrative organizations including the Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications.

  5. In addition, any matters pertaining to the operations of the Headquarters and any other necessary matters shall be decided upon by the Chief of the Headquarters.

  6. The Headquarters for Administrative Reform(hereinafter referred to as the "former Headquarters")that was established by Cabinet Decision on January 21, 1994, shall be abolished, and all matters previously decided by the former Headquarters, as well as fora established, or whose establishment has been determined by the former Headquarters by decision of the former Chief of the Headquarters, shall be carried on by the Headquarters.

  7. This Cabinet Decision shall enter into force on January 6, 2001.