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Efforts Towards Fundamental Reform of the
Public Service Corporation System

March 29, 2002
Cabinet Decision

  1. In light of recent developments in the social and economic situation, while proactively positioning private nonprofit activities within the social and economic system, with a view to appropriately tackling the pending issues concerning public service corporations (corporations established by the provisions of Article 34 of the Civil Code), a fundamental and systematic revision of the public service corporation system will be conducted. This will include a review of related systems (concerning NPOs, intermediary corporations, public trusts and relevant tax systems).

  2. For the purposes of these revisions, a promotion system centering upon the Cabinet Secretariat will be developed, and with the cooperation of related ministries and agencies and private sector experts, the "Guidelines for Reform of the Public Service Corporations System (provisional name)" will be drawn up by the end of FY2002, and the basic framework for reform and reform schedule will be clarified. Furthermore, all legislative and other measures required to achieve this will be taken by the end of FY2005.