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(Provisional Translation)

Statement by the Government of Japan

October 10, 2003

The House of Representatives has now been dissolved.

Amidst stringent conditions, both at home and abroad, the Government of Japan has advanced structural reform in every area of society and economy under the consistent policies of "no growth without reform," "leave to the private sector what it can do" and "leave to the localities what they can do." In that process, buds of reform are now coming to be seen in various areas through the efforts of many of the people of Japan. We must now combine our energies to ensure to nurture the buds of reform into a large tree called a "rebirth of Japan." At the same time, we must tackle head-on the various issues that Japan faces, including the abductions and security issues concerning North Korea, humanitarian and reconstruction assistance for Iraq, and the fight to prevent and eradicate terrorism, thereby contributing to the peace and prosperity of the world. The Government is firm in its conviction that we can achieve great results by tackling the domestic and international issues we face together with the people of Japan.

The Government of Japan takes to heart the opinions of the people and understands that there is a need to compile the force committed to reform and strive to further advance our national policies. Therefore, we have decided to dissolve the House of Representatives and call upon the people of Japan to affirm their support for our policies.

The Government of Japan strongly calls upon all concerned to take every measure to ensure that the general elections this time are consistently held in a fair and transparent manner, and fervently hopes that the people of Japan fully recognize the significance of the general elections and that sensible judgments are made in this regard.