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Information regarding Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

February 15, 2020

[Latest Information for Foreign Visitors]

The Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) operates a visitor hotline 24 hours. Call for tourist info or assistance in  case of accidents and emergencies including novel coronavirus(COVID-19). Support is available in EN, CN, KR and JP.

From Japan: 050-3816-2787
From Overseas: +81-50-3816-2787
Chatbot (in case of emergencies only):

Ministry of Health Labour and Wealth (MHLW)
General Information (English | Chinese)
FAQ (English | Chinese)

COVID-19 Advisory Information (JNTO)
(English | Chinese (pdf))

Medical Information for Foreign Tourists (JNTO)

Ministry of Justice/Immigarion Services Agency
Important Notice (English)

NHK World
NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) is Japan's only public broadcaster. NHK WORLD-JAPAN is NHK's international service delivering the latest information about Japan through TV, radio and the Internet.
[Related Information]

(Advice for Public)
Basic Protective Measures against the New Coronavirus (WHO)

(English | Chinese)

Steps to help prevent the spread of 2019-nCoV if you are sick (CDC) 

(Domestic Institutions)
National Institute of Infectious Diseases

Infectious Agents Surveillance Report:COVID-19 (English)

Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
Medical Information Site for Foreigners in Japan (Egnlish) (operadet by JIGH)

Ministry of Justice/Japanese Law Translation Database
Quarantine Act (English)
Immigration Control And Refugee Recognition Act (English)

(Overseas Information)
World Health Organization
Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak (English)


- Prime Minister In Action (Statements of the Prime Minister)
- Press Conference by the Chief Cabinet Secretary
- Advice for Public: How to protect yourself and others

[Prime Minister In Action(Statements of the Prime Minister)]

  The Novel Coronavirus Response Headquarters
- Tenth Meeting (Feb 16, 2020)
- Ninth Meeting (Feb 14, 2020)
- Eighth Meeting (Feb 13, 2020)
- Seventh Meeting (Feb 12, 2020)
- Sixth Meeting (Feb 6, 2020)
- Fifth Meeting (Feb 5, 2020)
- Fourth Meeting (Feb 1, 2020)
- Third Meeting (Jan 31, 2020)
- Second Meeting (Jan 30, 2020)
- First Meeting (Jan 30, 2020)
(Expert Meeting)
- First Meeting (Feb 16, 2020)

Ministerial Meeting Related to Countermeasures Related to the Novel Coronavirus
- First Meeting (Jan 24, 2020)

[Press Conference by the Chief Cabinet Secretary (From January 24)]

February 18 (Tue)   (AM/PM)
February 17 (Mon)  (AM/PM)
February 14 (Fri)     (AM/PM)
February 13 (Thu)   (AM/PM)
February 12 (Wed)  (AM/PM)
February 10 (Tue)   (AM/PM)
February 7 (Fri)       (AM/PM)
February 6 (Thu)     (AM/PM)
February 5 (Wed)    (AM/PM)
February 4 (Tue)     (AM/PM)
February 3 (Mon)    (AM/PM)
January 31 (Fri)       (AM/PM)   
January 30 (Thu)      (AM/PM*) *By Deputy CCS Nishimura   
January 29 (Wed)     (AM/PM)   
January 28 (Tue)      (AM/PM*) *By Deputy CCS Okada   
January 27 (Mon)     (AM/PM)   
January 24 (Fri)        (AM*/PM*) *By Deputy CCS Nishimura       


[Advice for the Public: How to Protect Yourself and Others (Flyers)]

- Washing Hands
- Coughing Manner
- Basic Measures
- Measures against Infectious Diseases


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