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Chief Cabinet Secretary
Minister for the Abduction Issue

Date of Birth: November 3, 1949
Place of Birth: Osaka City, Osaka

Oct. 2012 Chief Cabinet Secretary
Minister for the Abduction Issue
(3rd Reshuffled Noda Cabinet)
Jun. 2012 Chief Cabinet Secretary (2nd Reshuffled Noda Cabinet)
Jan. 2012 Chief Cabinet Secretary (Reshuffled Noda Cabinet)
Sep. 2011 Chief Cabinet Secretary (Noda Cabinet)
Jan. 2011 Deputy Secretary General, The Democratic Party of Japan
Sep. 2010 Senior Vice Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare
(Reshuffled Kan Cabinet)
Jun. 2010 Senior Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs (Kan Cabinet)
Apr. 2010 Vice President,Ashinaga
Sep. 2009 Chairman, Committee of Health, Labour and Welfare, House of Representatives
Sep. 2007 Chairman, Special Committee on Okinawa and Northern Problems, House of Representatives
Apr. 2006 Member, Board of Directors,Ashinaga
Oct. 2004 Chairman, Special Committee on Children and Youth Affairs
Apr. 1998 Chairman, Japan-Brazil Exchange Association
Jul. 1993 Elected to the House of Representatives (first time) and joined Japan New Party
Mar. 1989 Executive Director, Japan-Brazil Exchange Association
Mar. 1973 Graduated from Hiroshima University, Faculty of Engineering

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