Photo Album of Prime Minister Mori's
Visit to South Asia

(August 2000)

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Bangladesh (19-20 August)
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Pakistan (20-21 August)
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India (21-25 August)
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Nepal (25 August)

Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori visited Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, and Nepal from August 19 to 25, 2000. The visits to Bangladesh, Pakistan, and India were the first by a Japanese Prime Minister since the trip by then Prime Minister Toshiki Kaifu 10 years ago. The visit to Nepal was the first ever by an incumbent Japanese Prime Minister. Japan's relations with these countries have been somewhat limited, compared with other Asian countries, and the visits to India and Pakistan were made in situations where Japan has continued to adopt economic measures against India and Pakistan since they conducted nuclear tests in May 1998. Despite this, Prime Minister Mori received a red-carpet welcome in all countries he visited. This highlighted anew the historical ties between South Asia and Japan, the strongly favorable light in which the countries of the region regard Japan, and the large expectations they have of Japan.
Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori's
Visit to Bangladesh, Pakistan , India and Nepal

(Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

Photos by courtesy of Prime Minister's Office