Prime Minister Addresses
New National Public Employees

(Tuesday, April 3, 2001)


Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori addressed the ceremony inaugurating joint training for new national public employees, held in Toranomon Hall at Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo. The Prime Minister told the fledgling civil servants that he wanted them to be civil servants trusted by the public, to side with the people and aspire to government administration for and with the people, and to be civil servants befitting the twenty-first century's new administrative apparatus. "You are the first recruits following the reorganization of central government ministries. I want you to carry out your duties as public employees suited to the new age, not bound by old organizational structures and always thinking of the broad trend of government administration," he said. "It is my sincerest wish that you will work together, with firm convictions and grand hopes, to pioneer the new age and its new government administration."