Parents of Lee Su Hyon Pay a Courtesy Call
on the Prime Minister

(Monday, April 16, 2001)

Parents of Lee Su Hyon Pay a Courtesy Call <BR>on the Prime Minister

Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori received a courtesy call from Mr. Lee Song Dae and Mrs. Shin Yoon Chan of the Republic of Korea, the parents of Lee Su Hyon, a Korean studying in Japan, who was one of the two men who were struck by a train and killed while attempting to rescue the fallen man onto the tracks from the platform at East Japan Railway Shin-Okubo station on 26 January.
The Prime Minister stated, "I would like to reiterate my heartfelt gratitude for the heroic and noble deed of your son. Yesterday the unveiling ceremony of the memorial monument took place and now your son's noble act of heroism will remain inscribed in the histories of our two countries as a foundation for building bonds of friendship and goodwill." The parents of Lee Su Hyon said, "We would like to express our gratitude to Prime Minister Mori for personally attending our son's funeral. In addition to the many telegrams conveying condolences from the people of Japan, we have been encouraged that so many Japanese have come to see us at our home in Korea and we would like to express again our profound gratitude." "As his mother, I hope that my son's courage will serve as a good lesson without his death having been in vain, and will provide renewed impetus for our two countries to further develop their friendly relations. With the donations that we have received from many Japanese people we are considering setting up a scholarship to support students studying abroad."In response, the Prime Minister thanked the parents for their plan, stating that, "Student scholarship will help foster a firm foundation for friendly relations between Japan and the Republic of Korea."