Prime Minister Meets with Prime Minister
of New Zealand

(Friday, April 13, 2001)

Prime Minister Meets with Prime Minister of New Zealand

Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori met with Prime Minister Helen Clark of New Zealand at the Prime Minister's Official Residence. The two leaders shared the recognition that active exchange across a wide range of areas has been carrying out between Japan and New Zealand, including politics, economics and culture. Furthermore, though Japan and New Zealand have different views on certain issues, both leaders concurred to continue to further enhance their partnership in the Asia-Pacific region.
In addition to discussion on a variety of bilateral issues, the two leaders exchanged views on whaling and the Convention on the Conservation and Management of Highly Migratory Fish Stocks in the Western and Central Pacific. With regards to economic areas, Prime Minister Mori and Prime Minister Clark agreed to examine measures to strengthen economic relations between the two countries through high -level meetings.
Furthermore, Prime Minister Clark expressed her high evaluation on the Japan's contribution toward the East Timor problems and the Japan's initiatives in its relations with Pacific Island nations.