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Koizumi Cabinet E-mail Magazine No. 209 (November 4, 2005)

[Lion Heart -- Message from Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi]
(Provisional Translation)

Prime Minister Junichiro KoizumiProfile Japanese

Inauguration of the "Reform Continuation Cabinet"

Junichiro Koizumi here.

On October 31, I introduced a new Cabinet. Moreover, the day before yesterday, I appointed new senior vice-ministers and parliamentary secretaries.

For the Cabinet reshuffle last fall, I dubbed that Cabinet the "Postal Privatization Implementation Cabinet." In giving a name to the new Cabinet this time around, I chose to dub it the "Reform Continuation Cabinet." By way of reshuffling the Cabinet, I appointed some new faces to the mix of seasoned veterans, with a view to maintaining an overall Cabinet balance. I am confident that I have put the right people in the right posts.

Japan is faced with a plethora of domestic and international issues. I think at the top of the public's list of concerns right now is the issue of social security, including pensions and medical care. Without a doubt, we must ensure the sustainability of the social security system. At the same time, it is vital that the government obtains the understanding and cooperation of the public on the issue of benefits and burden, namely, how much benefit can people expect to receive and whether the burden is commensurate with the benefit shared amongst the people. To this end, governmental action to alleviate the burden on the people is one of the central aims of our structural reform.

In order to pursue our various policies, Japan must first and foremost be a peaceful nation. We must also maintain our nation's security. We will ensure the peace and safety of Japan by firmly maintaining the Japan-US alliance and also thereby maintaining the deterrence. In concert with these actions, the government will make efforts to reduce the burden that US military bases impose on regions of Japan.

I will also strive to strengthen friendly relations with neighboring countries including China and the Republic of Korea, and pursue international coordination with countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, and other countries around the world.

Last Saturday, on October 29, I had a working dinner with President Nicanor Duarte Frutos of the Republic of Paraguay at the Japanese-style State Guest House in Kyoto. Next year will mark the 70th anniversary of the immigration of Japanese people to Paraguay. The people of Paraguay have a profound trust in the Japanese people, and the Ambassador of Paraguay to Japan is also of Japanese descent. It made me proud to hear stories of Japanese people proving themselves so successfully in this distant country.

Mr. Seiken Sugiura, who in his capacity as editor of this e-mail magazine has been informing the people about the Koizumi Cabinet's policies both clearly and concisely for the last year and a half, has assumed the post of Minister of Justice. I have asked Mr. Jinen Nagase, the newly appointed Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary, to serve as the new editor of the e-mail magazine. Under our new editor Mr. Nagase, I would like these past dialogues with all of you to continue to be at the essence of this e-mail magazine.

On November 10 next week, we will launch "Government Internet TV." Through video feeds, Government Internet TV will offer a clear and concise introduction to government activities including what the Cabinet has been doing and endeavors for structural reform. Please stay tuned!

* The preview for Government Internet TV (Available only in Japanese) can be viewed from the following link:

* The title of this column "Lion Heart" is a reference to the Prime Minister's lion-like hairstyle and his unbending determination to advance structural reform.

[What's up around the Prime Minister]

- Inauguration of the Reshuffled Third Koizumi Cabinet (October 31, 2005)
Prime Minister Koizumi reshuffled the Cabinet and expressed his determination to further promote reforms.

- Decision of Senior-Vice Ministers and Parliamentary Secretaries (November 2, 2005)

- Prime Minister Attends Commencement of Air Review 2005 (October 30, 2005)
Prime Minister Koizumi attended the Commencement of Air Review 2005 held at Hyakuri Base of the Air Self-Defense Force (SDF).

- Japan-Paraguay Summit Meeting (October 29, 2005)
Prime Minister Koizumi held a meeting with Mr. Nicanor Duarte Frutos, the President of the Republic of Paraguay.

- Takarazuka Revue Company Pays a Courtesy Call on Prime Minister (October 28, 2005)
Prime Minister Koizumi received a courtesy call from the Star Troupe of Takarazuka Revue Company.

- Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade of the Republic of Korea Pays a Courtesy Call on Prime Minister (October 28, 2005)
Prime Minister Koizumi held a meeting with Mr. Ban Ki-Moon, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade of the Republic of Korea.

- Sakata Tojuro IV Name-Taking Announcement (October 27, 2005)
Prime Minister Koizumi met and talked with Mr. Ganjiro Nakamura, who will be assuming the name of Sakata Tojuro IV, the name of a famous Kamigata kabuki actor.

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