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Meteorological Agency

The Meteorological Agency follows, forecasts and warns about hazardous natural phenomena such as heavy rain, earthquakes, tidal waves (tsunami) and volcanic eruptions. This Agency also works to prevent hazards, ensure traffic safety through weather forecasts, and monitor global warming.
**Web site contents
(Not available in English)

Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications
The Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications (MPT) is responsible for Postal services such as mail, post office saving accounts, money order by mail, postal Life Insurance services, and more ....
The MPT sets regulations governing TV and radio broadcasters, grants, suspends or revokes their licenses, and promotes cellular and PHS phones and other latest means of communications. MTP researchers respond to the growing needs of increasing advanced and diversified networks.
**Web site contents
This site provides the MPT's organization including its Internal Bureaus, Regional Bureaus and Offices Councils and Institutes, as well as White Papers, Policy Reports, Statistical Data and Press Releases. Interesting pages have also been prepared for philatelists.
Additional services include a postage table and a function to trace any EMS (international express mail) item which you posted in Japan.

Ministry of Labour
The Ministry of Labour (MOL) intends to carry out better and more enriched lives for workers by promoting employment security and workers' welfare, for the purpose of which the Ministry implements the following measures:
- Realizing better labour relations by promoting the consensus between labour and management
- Promoting measures to achieve a truly affluent and comfortable life for workers
- Improving working conditions and ensuring workers' safety and health
- Securing equal opportunity and treatment between women and men in employment assistance for harmonious coexistence between work and family life, and promoting measures for part-time workers
- Contributing to a balanced development of Japan's economy and full employment by realizing secure employment and improving workers economic and social status.
- Promoting human resouces development through working life for employment security and improvement of workers' status.
- Other relevant activities including contributions to the international community, collecting and analyzing labour-related information and research
**Web site contents
MOL's policies and organization. Also itemized details on each policy.

Ministry of Construction
The Ministry of Construction (MOC) funds and forms the very foundation for the nation's industries and households by supporting housing and social infrastructure through which the MOC contributes to the nation's well being, following "the concepts of safety and security," "fascination and vigor" and "comfort and convenience."
**Web site contents
The MOC's organization, its major facilities, local bureaus and facilities, and also links to related finance corporations and other Government-operated corporations.

Ministry of Home Affairs
The Ministry of Home Affairs designs the systems of local administration, local finance and taxation, and co-ordinates between the central government and local governments for the purpose of supporting and developing local autonomy. Additional roles of this Ministry are to design and direct the operation of systems concerning public elections.
The Fire and Disaster Management Agency reports directly to this Ministry.
**Web site contents
Since we live in age of power decentralization, this Ministry presents its new policies for the delegation of functions, previously assigned to the Central Government, to local administrations.
Itemized are: "Decentralization," "Local Tax System," "Hometown development," "Internationalization & Informatization" (of local communities), "Fire & Disaster," and "Election System Reform."
A special link named "Explore Japan" enables you to search and reach many Japanese local autonomies' web sites (which, unfortunately, answer you only in Japanese language as yet).

Fire and Disaster Management Agency
Reporting to the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Fire and Disaster Management Agency fights fires and serves to prevent hazards. In principle, fire fighting in Japan is the responsibility of local autonomies rather than the Central Government.
But this Agency studies and plans systems, educates and trains personnel, and conducts research and test work from the national standpoint. This Agency also establishes and enforces standards governing fire prevention maintenance, fire statistics and rescue work operations.
**Web site contents
(As yet a Japanese language site only.)

Board of Audit of Japan
The Board of Audit is a Constitutional organization independent of the Cabinet. The Board regularly audits all State accounts as well as those of public corporations and other bodies.
The Board prepares an Audit Report for each fiscal year and submits it to the Cabinet. The Cabinet then submits final accounts of the Government to the Diet together with their Report.
**Web site contents
An outline of the Board activities; A summary of audit findings reported in the Fiscal 1995 Audit Report.
The Board's status and history, organization, powers and duties, audit activities and others are also described.

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