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Japan's Contribution to fight against Avian and Pandemic Influenza

12 December, 2005

  • Japan will provide approximately US$ 135 million by March 2006 to assist Asian countries with following measures.
    *Stockpiling of 500 thousand courses of antivirals.
    *Communication campaign in rural areas and enhancement of surveillance through international organisations, promotion of research, etc.
  • Japan will host an international conference on early containment in January 2006
  • Japan will train more than 100 personnel from Asian countries per year in sectors related to avian and pandemic influenza over the next three years, and provide necessary equipments including test laboratory etc.

I. Measures to be taken this fiscal year

  • Stockpiling of antivirals and other prevention equipment for early response
    - Japan will assist in the stockpiling of 500 thousand courses of antivirals, and provide influenza test kits and personal protection equipment for 700 thousand people, to respond to outbreak of avian and pandemic influenza in Asia. To this end, approximately US$46.8 million will be allocated from Japan's contribution to support ASEAN integration.

  • Support for communication campaign in rural areas, enhancement of surveillance, early containment and response, etc through international organizations
    - Japan will cooperate with UNICEF and WHO, to conduct communication campaign in rural areas and provide influenza vaccination to high risk groups in order to prevent and be prepared for an influenza pandemic in Asia. Japan will contribute approximately US$ 49.1 million to support these projects.

    - Japan will provide approximately US$ 2 million to WHO to enhance its surveillance capacity and to support distribution planning of antivirals stockpiled by WHO.

    - Japan will contribute approximately US$ 19.3 million to OIE and FAO for capacity building in areas of national veterinary services, notification system, and contingency plan against avian influenza.

  • Promotion of joint research
    - Four Japanese infectious disease research institutes will cooperate with research institutions in Vietnam, Thailand and China to establish joint research focal points in each country. Japan will contribute 2.3 billion yen to promote joint research on emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases and to develop human resources in these countries.
II. International conference on early containment

- Japan will co-host an international conference with WHO on January 12-13, 2006 in Tokyo to discuss necessary measures for early containment upon entry into Phase 4. Experts of Asian countries, related international organisations and major donors will be invited to this conference.

III. Capacity building

  • Training courses and dispatch of experts
    - Japan will train more than 100 personnel from Asian countries per year for capacity building of researchers, health workers, animal health experts, health administrator, etc. over the next three years. Dispatch of experts will also be considered.

  • Provision of equipment
    - Japan will provide necessary equipment including test laboratory in developing countries with high risk of infection. For example, Japan is considering to provide an advanced bio-security laboratory for virus detection in Vietnam next year.

*Japan's assistance to Asian countries related to avian influenza (since 2003)
Government of Japan provided equipments equivalent to approximately US$ 2.2 million to Cambodia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Lao Republic, Thailand, Myanmar and Malaysia, trained 10 people and dispatched 24 experts and others.