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Statement by Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi on the Cabinet Approval of the Kyoto Protocol Target Attainment Plan

April 28, 2005

The Kyoto Protocol Target Attainment Plan was approved by the Cabinet today. This represents a first step towards Japan's commitment to achieve a 6% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions under the Kyoto Protocol to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Global warming is an environmental issue that affects the entire world, and will be taken up as such as one of the main themes of the G8 Summit in July this year. Although it is no easy task for Japan to meet its reduction target, Japan, as a forerunner in this field, intends to advance measures against global warming.

One of the pillars of the Kyoto Protocol Target Attainment Plan is to "balance environmental protection with economic development" by utilizing science and technology. Great strength can be gained from linking science and technology with the will to take good care of things and the feeling of "mottainai," which could be literally translated as "don't waste what is valuable." The national government, local governments, companies and each and every person in Japan alike must cooperate in efforts to counter global warming.

The Government of Japan has taken the initiative in the prevention of global warming. As I promised four years ago upon my inauguration as Prime Minister, all government vehicles had been replaced with low-emission vehicles by March this year. The new Prime Minister's Official Residence is equipped with a solar power generation system and wind power generation system, and the world's first commercial household fuel cell unit has also been introduced. The Government plans to start a practice of "no ties and no jackets" from this summer. The Government will organize a national campaign called "Team Minus 6%" with a unique logo design, incorporating the nuance of global warming prevention being "something we all should tackle together as one."

Global warming arises from our daily lives and activities. The Government will strengthen its measures against global warming to encourage each person in Japan to take action towards the prevention of global warming and make endeavors so that this circle of action grows. I would like to ask for the continued and further understanding and cooperation of the people of Japan in these efforts.