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Speeches and Statements by Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi

Joint Statement
by Prime Minister Martin of Canada
and Prime Minister Koizumi of Japan

(Tokyo, January 19, 2005)

1. Prime Minister Martin and Prime Minister Koizumi met today in Tokyo and discussed a wide range of issues and challenges facing the world. The Prime Ministers also discussed the recent Tsunami disaster that struck several Asian and African countries and reaffirmed their commitment to work closely with the international community to provide relief to the region.
2.The Prime Ministers recognized that the bilateral partnership of trust and friendship fostered over the years between the peoples of Canada and Japan, founded on such shared basic values as democracy, freedom and promotion of the market economy, remains solid, but that it still has a potential yet to be realized.
3.The Prime Ministers reaffirmed their determination to further broaden and deepen the partnership, so that both sides can together meet the challenges facing the world more effectively. The Prime Ministers shared a view that while A Global Partnership for the 21st Century continues to provide guidance in this effort, innovative use of the various resources, including human and intellectual resources, will increasingly be important.
4.The Prime Ministers shared a view that enhanced foreign policy coordination between the Governments of Canada and Japan would be conducive to peace and prosperity in the Asia-Pacific region and the world. They reaffirmed their determination to continue to work together to support international efforts for a safer world, and identified new areas for collaboration in response to new challenges that have arisen in the post-9/11 world, as specified in the 2005 Canada-Japan Agenda for Peace and Security Cooperation. They also recognized the need for the early realization of UN reform, particularly reform of the Security Council. They also discussed the Canadian initiative for a meeting of G20 Leaders to discuss issues of global concern, such as terrorism, development and global public health.
5.For bilateral economic relations to reach their full potential, remaining challenges to bilateral trade and investment must be identified and, overcome through practical and cost-effective means. In this regard, the Prime Ministers confirmed their will to address strategic economic priorities and emerging opportunities through an innovative Canada-Japan Economic Framework to be developed within six months. Under this framework, a joint study will be launched on further promotion of the bilateral economic relationship. They also committed to the science-based resolution of the BSE issue, and expressed their continued will to work for the early resumption of trade, fully taking into account the importance of food safety. In terms of global trade and investment, they reaffirmed the need for an early and successful conclusion to the Doha Development Round of the WTO.
6.The two Prime Ministers welcomed the renewal of the Canada-Japan Forum and looked forward to the Forum's upcoming report on the future bilateral partnership.