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Prime Minister Koizumi visits Factories in Mie and Kyoto Prefectures

Friday, January 7-8, 2005

The Photograph of Prime Minister who Observes the Manufacturing Site of Large-scale Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Televisions The Photograph of Prime Minister who Receives Explanations from Mr. Koichi Tanaka, Fellow of the Company and Winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2002 The Photograph of Prime Minister Koizumi who Plants a Cherry Tree in Commemoration

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Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi visited factories of home appliance and machinery manufacturers in Mie and Kyoto Prefectures.

Prime Minister Koizumi first visited the factory in Kameyama City of Mie Prefecture to observe the manufacturing site of large-scale liquid crystal display (LCD) televisions that use the world's largest board glass. Prime Minister Koizumi took a tour of the factory for LCD products with cutting-edge equipment that manage procedures from manufacturing of LCD panels to assembly of televisions, and received an explanation on the procedures which utilize sophisticated technologies.

At the machinery manufacturer in Kyoto City which he visited subsequently, Mr. Koichi Tanaka, fellow of the company and winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2002 showed Prime Minister Koizumi the "mass spectrometer" that analyzes the composition of substances. The facilities that Prime Minister Koizumi visited this time are Japan's largest facilities with equipment for analysis and measurement in various fields such as environment, oil chemistry, semiconductors and pharmaceutical products. Prime Minister Koizumi's visit commemorated the first visit by a guest to the facilities since they newly re-opened in January 2005.

After his tour of the facility, Prime Minister Koizumi said to the press, "The Koizumi Cabinet is aiming for and advancing a private sector-led sustainable growth. I am very pleased to see economic recovery led by private companies. I believe the creation of policies and an environment in which private corporations can exert their ingenuity and knowledge is of utmost importance to politics."

The following day, Prime Minister Koizumi attended the commemorative tree planting ceremony conducted as part of the project entitled "The Sakura Circle: A Cherry Blossom Viewing Path in Heisei Period," which aims to create a new location for viewing cherry blossoms by the local residents in Osaka funded through donations from the public.