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Japan-Hungary Summit Meeting

Monday, October 25, 2004

The Photograph of Japan-Hungary Summit Meeting The Photograph of Japan-Hungary Summit Meeting

Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi held a meeting with Mr. Ferenc Gyurcsany, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Hungary at the Prime Minister's Official Residence.

During the meeting, the two leaders agreed to establish "Japan-Hungary Cooperation Forum" comprising intellectuals from the private sectors in order to enhance the relations between Japan and Hungary in such areas as economy, society and culture. The Forum will involve five intellectuals each from Japan and Hungary and will submit proposals for further cooperation between the two countries.

Furthermore, the two leaders confirmed that they will cooperate to promote the implementation of a joint project related to environment in Hungary in view of the fact that it is now looking more promising for the Kyoto Protocol which calls for prevention of global warming to be put into effect. As for the reform of the United Nations Security Council, Prime Minister Koizumi and Prime Minister Gyurcsany agreed to cooperate towards an early realization of the reform, including the expansion in the number of both permanent and non-permanent membership. Prime Minister Gyurcsany also announced his support for Japan to become a permanent member of the Security Council.

At the meeting, Prime Minister Gyurcsany positively evaluated Japan's investment in Hungary saying, "Japan's investment into Hungary thus far has had a great impact on the Hungarian economy." Prime Minister Koizumi responded by saying, "Expansion of bilateral economic relations will be beneficial to both our countries. I wish to advance exchanges between our private companies."

After the meeting, Prime Minister Koizumi and Prime Minister Gyurcsany signed a Joint Statement which lays out the future direction of the bilateral relations between Japan and Hungary, which newly joined the European Union (EU) in May this year.

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