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Prime Minister Attends the Funeral of the Officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan who Died in Iraq

Saturday, December 6, 2003

The Photograph of Prime Minister Koizumi who Makes a Bow before a Tearful Speech
Photograph provided by Kyodo News

Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi attended the funeral of Mr. Katsuhiko Oku, the late Ambassador of the Embassy of Japan in the United Kingdom and Mr. Masamori Inoue, the late First Secretary of the Embassy of Japan in Iraq which was held at Aoyama memorial hall in Minato Ward, Tokyo.

These two officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs were shot and killed on November 29 while they were heading through northern Iraq to attend a conference on assistance for the reconstruction of Iraq.

The funeral was conducted jointly by both families of Mr. Oku and Mr. Inoue and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the attendance of Prime Minister Koizumi, Speaker of the House of Representatives and President of the House of Councillors, leaders of political parties, government officials and foreign ambassadors in Japan.

Prime Minister Koizumi extended his words of condolence saying, "I feel immense grief for the loss of two remarkably excellent diplomats who have given their utmost efforts for the reconstruction of Iraq, and extreme resentment against such an inhumane and cruel crime. They are not only the pride of their family but also the pride of Japan and the people of Japan. The Government of Japan will carry out their intentions and work for the reconstruction of Iraq in cooperation with the international community."