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What's up around the Prime Minister

Japan-Mongolia Summit Meeting

Thursday, December 4, 2003

The Photograph of Prime Minister Koizumi who Holds Talks with President Bagabandi The Photograph of Prime Minister Koizumi who Received from President Bagabandi a List of the Names of Approximately 110 Japanese Detainees

Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi held talks with Mr. Natsagiin Bagabandi, the President of Mongolia at the Prime Minister's Official Residence.

At the summit meeting, regarding the issue of North Korea, President Bagabandi expressed his understanding to the basic stance of Japanese government to comprehensively solve security matters such as nuclear and missile issues and realize a normalization of the relations with North Korea and the two leaders agreed that it is necessary to peacefully resolve those issues through dialogues including the continuation of six-party talks.

The leaders also agreed to further develop bilateral relations in the field of economy, culture, education and personal exchange between Japan and Mongolia, and announced a joint statement including the aforementioned issues.

Furthermore, Prime Minister Koizumi received from President Bagabandi a list of the names of approximately 110 Japanese detainees that have been transferred to Mongolia by the former Soviet Union after World War II which had been requested by the Government of Japan earlier.