Minister for Financial Services

Photo of Yanagisawa


Born : August 18, 1935, Shizuoka, Prefecture

March 1961Graduated University of Tokyo ,Faculty of Law

April 1961Entered Ministry of Finance
July 1971
- June1975
Japanese Consul, New York
December 1978
- July 1979
Secretary to the Chief Cabinet Secretary (Ohira Cabinet)
June 1980Elected to House of Representatives from Shizuoka 3rd District (currently serving sixth term)
March 1990
- June 1993
Director, Agriculture and Forestry Division Policy Research Council, Liberal Democratic Party (LDP)
July 1994
- July 1995
Parliamentary Vice Minister, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
September 1995
- September 1996
Chairman, Education Committee, House of Representatives
November 1995
- July 1998
Managing Chairman, Administrative Reform Task Force (LDP)
March 1998
- July 1998
Chairman, Health and Welfare Committee, House of Representatives
July 1998
- October 1998
Minister of State, Director General, National Land Agency
October 1998
- December 1998
Minister of State for Financial Reconstruction
December 1998
- October 1999
Minister of State, Chairman, Financial Reconstruction Commission
December 2000
- January 2001
Minister of State, Chairman, Financial Reconstruction Commission
January 2001
- present
Minister for Financial Services