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Japan's Assistance for the Reconstruction of Iraq

April 21, 2003

1. On March 20, the United States and other countries initiated the use of force against Iraq. On that instance, Japan expressed, in the Prime Minister's Statement, its sincere hope to see the combat end as soon as possible and its intent to be actively engaged in the assistance for reconstruction of Iraq, so that the country would be rebuilt as quickly as possible and its people would be able to live in a free and prosperous society. After a month, the combat there is nearing its end and a situation has developed which demands the international community to promptly play a concrete role in providing humanitarian and reconstruction assistance in Iraq.

2. Japan will be guided by the following fundamental ideas, as it is actively engaged in the assistance for the reconstruction of Iraq, through international coordination and in cooperation with the NGOs and other private initiatives.
(1) Mindful of the importance of the peace and stability of Iraq and its surrounding region, Japan will cooperate in reestablishing and enhancing it.
(2) Japan supports the position that the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Iraq should be preserved and that Iraq's future be decided as early as possible by the people of Iraq themselves.
(3) Japan will apply its experience in making the process from humanitarian assistance through reconstruction assistance continuous and uninterrupted, providing ideas as well as doing the work along the way.

3. Japan will promptly implement the measures including the items listed below. Some among them that has already partly been implemented will be further followed up. For this and other considerations, the Embassy of Japan in Iraq will be reopened as soon as possible.
(1) Cooperation to humanitarian and reconstruction assistance in Iraq provided through international organisations and NGOs.
(2) Cooperation to humanitarian and reconstruction assistance as well as administrative assistance in Iraq provided through cooperation with the Office of Reconstruction and Humanitarian Assistance (ORHA) established by the United States.
(3) Humanitarian and reconstruction assistance in Iraq in cooperation with peoples of Arab countries and neighbouring countries.
(4) Cooperation to provide relief to the affected people, implemented under the provisions of International Peace Co-operation Law, including transporting humanitarian relief materials by Self Defence Force aircraft.
(5) Assistance to the neighbouring region struck by the economic impact.
(6) Assistance in regard to Iraq National Museum and cultural heritage to which damage has been done, to provide for renovation of the museum and protection and preservation of the cultural heritage, in cooperation with UNESCO and others.

4. Japan will conduct necessary study, from wide ranging perspectives, on the cooperation by the Self Defence Force and civilian personnel to humanitarian and reconstruction assistance in Iraq.