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The Outline of Measures based on the Action Guidelines

March 20, 2003

  1. Priority measures

    Ensuring the safety of Japanese nationals in Iraq and its surrounding areas

    • Timely and appropriate announcement of risk information and its dissemination to resident and travelling Japanese
    • Maintaining and securing the system of emergency communication and evacuation
    • Preparation for deployment of Special Air Lift and Government Chartered Flight

    Strengthening and thoroughly implementing security measures at home

    • Immigration control and customs inspection
    • Gathering and analysis of terrorism related information
    • Prevention measures for hijacking
    • Measures against NBC terrorism
    • Security of key domestic facilities, US forces facilities, diplomatic establishments
    • Measures to address financial sources of terrorism
    • Measures to address the unidentified vessels

    Ensuring the safety of navigation for vessels of Japanese affiliation

    • Strengthening information gathering and its timely and appropriate dissemination
    • Co-ordination and co-operation with countries along the sea route

    Preventing confusion in economic systems in the world and in Japan

    • Monitoring market development of oil and other commodities, oil supply, financial and equity markets
    • Implementing appropriate measures for stable supply of oil as necessary in coordination with relevant countries
    • Stabilizing foreign exchange market, maintaining stability of the financial system, and ensuring liquidity in the domestic market

    Providing emergency humanitarian assistance to the affected people

    • Assistance through international organizations
    • Assistance through NGOs
    • Transporting humanitarian relief materials to countries neighbouring Iraq by Self Defence Forces aircraft, providing materials, dispatching civilian medical teams, under the provisions of International Peace Co-operation Law

  2. Items to be considered in the light of future developments

    Providing assistance to countries neighbouring Iraq

    • Assistance to Jordan, Palestinian Authority and others in the region neighbouring Iraq (including economic assistance and assistance in the area of emergency medical response)

    Rehabilitation, reconstruction and humanitarian assistance for Iraq

    • Relevant measures for the disposal of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, the disposal of mines at sea, for rehabilitation, reconstruction and humanitarian relief.

  3. Continuing and strengthening the support provided under the Anti-Terrorism Special Measures Law

    • Continuing and strengthening the support to armed forces of other countries engaged in the fight against terrorism through replenishment and transport by Self Defence Forces ships and aircrafts according to the provisions of the Anti-Terrorism Special Measures Law