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Telephone Conversation with President Barack Obama
of the United States of America

Friday, March 12
[Provisional Translation]

1. From 12:15 AM today, Saturday, March 12, upon the request of the United States, Prime Minister Kan held a telephone conversation with President Barack Obama of the United States for approximately 10 minutes.

2. President Obama expressed his deep sympathy on behalf of the United States government for the mourning and grief for the victims and persons who suffered damage from Tohoku district - off the Pacific Ocean Earthquake. He stated that the United States is prepared to provide all possible assistance to Japan and that he wants the competent authorities in both countries to continue to keep their close communication.

3. In response, Prime Minister Kan expressed his sincere appreciation for the telephone call of sympathy at such an early time. He stated that extensive damage had arisen over an extremely wide area and that the government is engaged in all-out efforts, and that an emergency headquarters for response to the disaster had been established. He also expressed his deep appreciation that the United States had stated its willingness to cooperate at an early stage after the earthquake in any area in which the US government might be of assistance, including through the US Forces in Japan.