Minister of the Environment

Photo of Sakihito OZAWA

Sakihito OZAWA

Date of Birth: May 31, 1954
Birth Place: Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan
Member of the House of Representatives
(Yamanashi 1st District, 6th term)

1981Completed Master course at Saitama University, Graduate School of Political Science
1978Graduated from the University of Tokyo, Faculty of Law

Jun. 2010Minister of the Environment (Kan Cabinet)
Sep. 2009Minister of the Environment (Hatoyama Cabinet)
Aug. 2009Elected to the HR (6th term)
Dec. 2008Secretary General, Emergency Employment Countermeasures Headquarters, DPJ
Jan. 2008Deputy-Chief, the Global Warming Prevention Headquarters, DPJ
Secretary General, the Earmarked Fund for Road and Temporary Gasoline Tax Rate Issues Countermeasures Headquarters, DPJ
Aug. 2007Chairman, the National Rallying and Canvassing Committee, DPJ
Sep. 2006Deputy Secretary General, DPJ
Mar. 2006Chief Director, the Committee on Financial Affairs, HR
Sep. 2005Elected to the HR (5th term)
Jan. 2004Chairman, the Committee on Environment, HR
Nov. 2003Elected to the HR (4th term)
Oct. 2002Minister of the Economy, Trade & Industry, the Next Cabinet, DPJ
Sep. 2001Chief, President Office, DPJ
Sep. 2000Deputy Chairman, the Diet Affairs Committee, DPJ
Jun. 2000Elected to the HR (3rd term)
Oct. 1999Minister of the Information and Communication, the Next Cabinet, DPJ
Apr. 1998Deputy Secretary General, DPJ
Jan. 1998Deputy Chairman, the Policy Research Council, DPJ
Oct. 1996Deputy Chairman, the Diet Affairs Committee, the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ)
Director, the Committee on Rules and Administration, HR
Oct. 1996Elected to the HR (Second term)
Jan. 1995Director, the Committee on Rules and Administration, HR
Jul. 1993Chairman of the Policy Committee (Policy Research Council), Japan New Party
Jul. 1993Elected to the House of Representatives (HR) for the first time (All Yamanashi Prefecture District)
1981Joined The Bank of Tokyo, Ltd. (foreign currency exchange section)