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Prime Minister Visits Toyako, Hokkaido

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Photograph of the meeting of the Council on the Global Warming Issue Photograph of the Prime Minister attending a national dialogue forum, Realizing a Country of Hope and Reassurance

Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda visited Toyako, Hokkaido, where he attended the meeting of the Council on the Global Warming Issue and a forum for dialogue with the people on global warming.

After observing the International Media Center (IMC) for the G8 Summit to be held this July in the region, the Prime Minister held the meeting of the Council on the Global Warming Issue with Mr. Hiroshi Okuda, the Chair of the Council, Ms. Harumi Takahashi, the Governor of Hokkaido, and others at the hotel decided on as the main venue of the Summit.

At the start of the meeting, the Prime Minister said, "The participation of each and every one of the people is essential for ensuring the effectiveness of the measures to prevent global warming. Furthermore, we need a clear image of a low carbon society in the coming age. Accordingly, I ask you to discuss the best way to meet these necessities."

Afterwards, Prime Minister Fukuda attended a forum for direct talks between the government and the people, "Realizing a Country of Hope and Reassurance: Dialogue with Mr. Akira Amari, the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, and Mr. Ichiro Kamoshita, the Minister of the Environment," held at Toyako Cultural Center, where he exchanged opinions with the attendees.

Looking back at his visit to Toyako, the Prime Minister said, "In just three months time, the G8 Summit is going to take place. Today, we discussed a range of matters, including works which need to be done by the opening of the G8 Summit. Poverty eradication in developing countries, along with the environmental issue, is going to be a major theme for discussion at the Summit. As such, the Summit will be a very important occasion for discussing these critical issues."

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