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Meeting of the IT Strategic Headquarters

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Photograph of the Meeting of the IT Strategic Headquarters

Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda held the meeting of the IT Strategic Headquarters at the Prime Minister's Official Residence.

At the meeting, the "Urgent Program for Revitalizing Regions through Information Technology (IT)" was finalized. The program, compiled from the perspective of the urgent task of regional revitalization, is intended to unify the Government's efforts to help the regions make more effective use of IT so as to enable more prompt and enhanced implementation. Measures for Revitalizing Regions through IT are outlined across seven areas of assistance, including "IT Infrastructure Building" and "Developing and Utilizing Human Resources," following the introduction of 16 cases of best practice for regional revitalization promoted nationwide.

On this decision, Prime Minister Fukuda said, "As I have clarified in my policy speech, creation of regions with vitality is one of the priorities of the Fukuda Cabinet. In terms of that task, I expect the Program to be advanced, as a key policy, will bear solid results."

Further, on formulating the "Roadmap of IT Policies," the Prime Minister said, "Unfortunately, the merits of IT are not yet fully recognized by the people, and the situation is nowhere near one that would have IT bolster productivity, which is especially urgent for small- and medium-sized enterprises. The question is one of what is needed to address that situation or whether a radical shift of approach is required. In light of this, I ask the related ministers and members of the Headquarters to share their expertise with us."