Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
Minister for Ocean Policy

Photo of Sadakazu Tanigaki

Date of Birth: March 7, 1945
Member of the House of Representatives
Kyoto 5th Constituency

1972.3Faculty of Law, University of Tokyo

2008.8Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
Minister for Ocean Policy
2007.9Chairman, Policy Research Council, LDP
2005.9Elected to HR (ninth term)
2003.11Elected to HR (eighth term)
2003.9Minister of Finance
üľuntil 2006.9
2003.7Minister of State for Food Safety
üľuntil 2004.9
2002.11Minister of State for Industrial Revitalization Corporation of Japan
üľuntil 2003.9
2002.9Chairman, National Public Safety Commission
üľuntil 2003.9
2000.6Elected to HR (seventh term)
2000.4Chairman, Financial Reconstruction Commission
üľuntil 2000.7
1998.7Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Finance
üľuntil 1999.10
1997.9Minister of State for Science and Technology
üľuntil 1998.7
1996.11Director-General, Election Bureau, Liberal Democratic Party (LDP)
1996.10Elected to HR (sixth term)
1995.9Chairman, Standing Committee on Rules and Administration, HR
1993.7Elected to HR (fifth term)
1991.11Chairman, Standing Committee on Communications, HR
1990.2Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Defense
üľuntil 1990.12
1990.2Elected to HR (forth term)
1988.12Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Posts and Telecommunications
üľuntil 1989.6
1986.7Elected to HR (third term)
1983.12Elected to HR (second term)
1983.8First elected to the House of Representatives (HR)