Minister of Justice

Photo of Okiharu Yasuoka


Date of birth: May 11, 1939
Member of the House of Representatives
Constituency: Kagoshima District 1 (elected 11 times)

1964Graduated from Chuo University (Faculty of Law)
Passed the bar examination
Legal Trainee of the Supreme Court of Japan
(Graduate of the 19th class)
1958Graduated from Hibiya High School, Tokyo

2008Appointed Minister of Justice
2007Chief Judge, Judge Impeachment Court
Deputy Chairman, Joint General Meeting of Both Houses
Supreme Adviser, Research Commission on Antimonopoly Laws
Acting Chairman, Council on the Constitution
2005Senior Director, Special Committee for Research on the Constitution of Japan, House of Representatives
Chairman, Research Commission on Antimonopoly Laws, LDP
2003Acting Chairman, Headquarters on Urgent Countermeasures to Stabilize the Financial System, LDP
Chairman, Research Commission on the Constitution, LDP
2001Chief Secretary, National Vision Project Headquarters, LDP
2000Chairman, Research Commission on the Constitution, House of Representatives
Appointed Minister of Justice
1998Chairman, Research Commission on the Judiciary System, LDP
Chairman, Special Commission on Promotion of the Comprehensive Plan for Financial Revitalization, LDP
Senior Director, Special Committee on Financial Stabilization, House of Representatives
1997Senior Deputy Chairman, Policy Research Council, LDP
Acting Chairman, Headquarters for Implementation of Educational Reform, LDP
1996Chairman, Finance Committee, LDP
Senior Director, Finance Committee, House of Representatives
1993Chairman, Special Committee on Relocation of the Diet, House of Representatives
1989Chairman, Committee on Planning, Headquarters for Political Reform, LDP
1987Deputy Secretary-General, LDP ( ` 1990 serving four consecutive terms)
1984Chairman, Standing Committee on Construction, House of Representatives (Second Nakasone Cabinet)
1980Parliamentary Vice-Minister of Finance (Suzuki Cabinet)
1978Parliamentary Vice-Minister, National Land Agency (Ohira Cabinet)
1972Elected for the first time to the House of Representatives
1967Judge, Kagoshima District Court

Favorite phrases
Ai (Love), Seijitsu (Integrity)

Most admired person
Takamori Saigo

Jogging, swimming