Minister of Defense

Photo of Koumura
Shigeru ISHIBA

Date of birth: February 4, 1957 (Tottori Prefecture)
Member of the House of Representatives
Constituency: Tottori Prefecture 1st district (Elected 7 times)

March 1979Graduated from Keio University (Bachelor of Law)

Sep. 2007 -Current Position
Sep. 2002 - Sep. 2004Minister of State for Defense
Jan. 2001 - Apr. 2001Senior Vice Minister for Defense
Dec. 2000 - Jan. 2001Senior State Secretary for Defense
Jul. 2000Senior State Secretary for the Minister for Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
Dec. 1992Parliamentary Vice Minister for Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
Jul. 1986Elected as a member of the House of Representatives,
Liberal Democratic Party (7 terms up to present)
Apr. 1979Mitsui Bank

Previous Positions at the House of Representatives:

  • Chairman, Special Committee on Deregulation
  • Chairman, Committee on Transport
  • Member, Special Committee for Research on the Constitution of Japan
  • Member, Committee on Security
  • Director, Special Committee on Prevention of International Terrorism and Japan's Cooperation and Support

Previous Positions at the Liberal Democratic Party:

  • Deputy Chairman, General Council
  • Chairman, Research Commission on Security