Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry

Photo of Masayuki Naoshima


Date of birth: October 23, 1945
Place of birth: Ikeda, Osaka Prefecture

Non-political career
Sep. 1991Vice-President, Confederation of Japan Automobile Workers' Unions
Sep. 1982General Secretary, No.2 Organization Bureau, Federation of All Toyota Workers' Unions
Apr. 1971Joined Toyota Motor Sales Co., Ltd. (now Toyota Motor Corporation)
Mar. 1971Graduated from the Faculty of Business Administration, Kobe University

Career as a Diet member
Sep. 2009Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry
Apr. 2006Chief Director, Special Committee on Administrative Reform
Sep. 2005Chief Director, the H.C. Committee on Audit
Jul. 2004Elected for the third time to the H.C. (DPJ, PR)
Jul. 1998Reelected to the H.C. (Democratic Party of Japan [DPJ], PR)
Jun. 1996Chair, the H.C. Committee on Transport
Jan. 1995Director, the H.C. Committee on Rules and Administration
Jul. 1992Elected for the first time to the House of Councilors [H.C.] (Democratic Socialist Party, proportional representation [PR])

Party career
Sep. 2007Chair, Policy Research Committee
Sep. 2005Chair, Research Committee on Audit & Oversight of Administration
Sep. 2004Minister of State for Regulatory Reform and Industrial Revitalization of the "Next Cabinet"
Aug. 2001Secretary General, DPJ Caucus in the House of Councilors
Aug. 2000Chair, Diet Affairs Committee, DPJ Caucus in the House of Councilors