Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare
Minister of State for Pension Reform



The Democratic Party of Japan
Date of Birth: June 14, 1960
Place of Birth: Tokyo

1984.3B.L., the Faculty of Law, Keio University, Tokyo, Japan

2009.9|Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare
2007. 9Member of the Committee on Health, Labour and Welfare, HR
2007. 9Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary and Minister for pension Affairs (DPJ Next Cabinet)
2006. 9Acting Chairman, Policy Research Committee, DPJ
2006. 9Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary (DPJ Next Cabinet)
2005.10Director, Committee of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, HR
2005. 9Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (DPJ Next Cabinet)
2004.10Chief Deputy Chairman, National Rallying and Canvassing Committee, DPJ
2004. 6Director-General, Research Bureau, DPJ
2004. 5Chief Deputy Chairman, Diet Affairs Committee, DPJ
2004. 1Director, Committee of Finance, HR
2001. 9Deputy Chairman, Policy Research Committee, the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ)
2000. 6Elected to Member of the House of Representatives (HR)
(Elected 4 times)
1989.11Joined as a journalist, Nikkei Business Publications, Inc
1984. 4Joined NEC (Nippon Electric Company) Corporation