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Cabinet Secretariat

The Cabinet Secretariat consists of the Cabinet Counsellors' [sic] Office, the Cabinet Councillors' Office on Internal Affairs, the Cabinet Councillors' Office on External Affairs, the Cabinet Office for National Security Affairs and Crisis Management, the Cabinet Public Relations Office and the Cabinet Information Research Office.

The Cabinet Secretariat is in charge of the following affairs: general affairs related to the Cabinet; coordination and integration of administrative measures of ministries and agencies for the purpose of maintaining uniformity of the government measures; general affairs related to the Security Council of Japan; collection and investigation of information concerning the important policies of the Cabinet.

Headquarters for the Administrative Reform of the Central Government

The Headquarters for the Administrative Reform of the Central Government have been established by the Basic Law on the Administrative Reform of the Central Government, enacted in June 1998, for a limited period of three years with the Prime Minister (Head) and all Ministers and Director-Generals as their members. The Headquarters have a secretariat.

The Headquarters are responsible for the following affairs: overall coordination for a smooth transition to a new set of government organizations; drafting of laws and orders necessary to strengthen the Cabinet functions, reorganization of the national government organizations and creation of Independent Administrative Institutions; designing of a plan to downsize the government organizations and to improve their efficiency.

Security Council of Japan

(Organization and Functions)
This is a deliberative council, which is composed of the Prime Minister (Chairman), the vice prime minister, the Minister for Foreign Affairs, the Minister of Finance, the Chief Cabinet Secretary (Minister of State), the Chairman of National Public Safety Committee (Minister of State), the Director-General of Defense Agency (Minister of State) and the Director-General of Economic Planning Agency (Minister of State). The Cabinet Secretariat assumes the function of the executive office for the Council. The Council takes charge of deliberation of important matters on national defense and of measures to be taken in case of grave emergency to the country.

Based on Organization of the Government of Japan 2000
(Management and Coordination Agency, 2000)