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Second Day of the APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Photograph of the Japan-Australia Summit Meeting Photograph of the Japan- Mexico Summit Meeting
Photograph of the APEC economic leaders' declaration being announced Photograph of the Prime Minister holding a press conference

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Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who was on his visit to Australia to participate in the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Economic Leaders' Meeting, held a meeting with Mr. John Howard, the Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Australia, ahead of the summit meeting of the second day. During the Japan-Australia Summit Meeting, the two leaders agreed to promote bilateral practical cooperation in the area of security, pursuant to the Action Plan, which they had agreed this time, based on the joint declaration signed by the two countries in March this year. The two leaders furthermore agreed on the Joint Statement by Japan and Australia on the Enhancement of Cooperation on Climate Change and Energy Security, which encompassed cooperation programs and other initiatives, including support for "Cool Earth 50," aiming toward a new framework to address climate change issues.

Afterwards, Prime Minister Abe held a meeting with Mr. Felipe Calderon Hinojosa, the President of the United Mexican States. The two leaders agreed to advance dialogue and cooperation in a wider range of areas and strive toward the building of a strategic partnership.

Subsequently, Prime Minister Abe participated in the APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting continued from the previous day. During the discussions on both days, Prime Minister Abe explained about the initiatives of "Cool Earth 50," Japan's proposed long-term strategy for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, stressing that climate change issues are critical for a fast-growing Asia-Pacific region and that Japan will make a contribution with its energy conservation technologies and other resources. These explanations were met with understanding and appreciation from participating leaders and reflected in the leaders' declaration. The declaration also encompassed the primacy of the multilateral trading system, regional economic integration, the enhancement of human security and the strengthening of APEC.

Prime Minister Abe held a press conference after the conclusion of the summit meeting. Having completed his full itinerary in Australia, the Prime Minister returned to Japan on the early morning of September 10.

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