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Prime Minister Attends a Demonstration of
Next-Generation Vehicles and Fuels

Friday, June 1, 2007

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A demonstration of environment-friendly, next-generation vehicles and fuels was held in the Inner Court of the Prime Minister's Official Residence on the first day of Cool Biz campaign.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe attended the demonstration and received an explanation on biofuels, electric vehicles, fuel cell vehicles, hydrogen vehicles, and other automotive technologies. He then test drove one of the next-generation vehicles.

Prime Minister Abe commented on the experience, saying, "The performance has been much improved, so much that it is no different from an ordinary gasoline car, and even better in the sense that it is quieter. This superb vehicle was made possible through the combination of new technologies. I have realized once again that in addition to car bodies and engines, the energy that provides power is extremely important to realizing such excellent vehicles." The Prime Minister also said, "I will make next year's Hokkaido Toyako Summit, an occasion to show people around the world our country's exquisite natural environment and demonstrate Japan's determination to protect the Earth."