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Global Warming Prevention Headquarters

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Photograph of the Global Warming Prevention Headquarters

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe held a meeting of the Global Warming Prevention Headquarters.

In his address, the Prime Minister said "In order to ensure that Japan achieves its commitment to the world to reduce emissions by six percent, we will add new measures and review the Kyoto Protocol Target Achievement Plan," referring to one of the proposals he had made the previous week in his speech Invitation to "Cool Earth 50." He also said, "It has become clear that the commitment will be extremely difficult to achieve with current measures. We need to, for example, fundamentally strengthen measures for the household sector and business entities, including those that provide public services, where emissions are increasing significantly. To achieve the target, the Government must take the lead in promoting such measures, as well as urge municipalities and the broad spectrum of business sectors to make further efforts for emissions reduction." Prime Minister Abe expressed his intention to launch a national campaign with the motto of "1 person, 1 day, 1 kg" for reducing greenhouse gases, solicit new proposals from the people and adopt them actively, and advance the intensive efforts to make government buildings eco-friendly during the next six years through 2012, the year by which the commitment under Kyoto Protocol is to be fulfilled, as a model for government-led efforts.