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11th Meeting of the Innovation 25 Strategy Council

Friday, May 25, 2007


Prime Minister Shinzo Abe attended the 11th meeting of the Innovation 25 Strategy Council at the Prime Minister's Official Residence together with officials including Ms. Sanae Takaichi, the Minister of State for Innovation.

The latest meeting compiled a final report on Innovation 25, a long-term strategic guideline. The report proposes that amidst the shrinking and rapid aging of the population and the stepping up of society's drive for informatization and globalization, Japan respond to energy issues and various other challenges by realizing sustainable development and a prosperous society through technological innovations and new, innovative ideas.

In his address, Prime Minister Abe said, "Mr. Daisuke Matsuzaka, a professional baseball pitcher, told reporters at the press conference when he entered the US Major League, 'My challenge in the Majors is not a dream but a goal, since the word dream lacks reality.' I was impressed that although he is so young he was able to make such an insightful comment. Our view for a future society, too, is no longer a dream but has become a goal." Prime Minister Abe further touched on his future efforts, stating, "A major pillar of my Cabinet is to build a country that can bring about strong innovation. While the path to achieving this can be a particularly harsh one, I am committed to Innovation 25 as we perform the tasks ahead, such as technological innovation and renovation of the social system."