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Green Feather Campaign

Friday, April 13, 2007

Photograph of the Green Feather Campaign Photograph of Prime Minister receiving a wooden baseball bat

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, along with Chief Cabinet Secretary Yasuhisa Shiozaki, received a courtesy call from the Japan Cherry Blossom Queen and Princess on the occasion of the Green Fundraising Campaign to be launched nationwide during Greenery Month (from April 15 to May 14).

Prime Minister Abe also received a visit from Mr. Keiji Osawa of the Professional Baseball Masters League, who is serving as Head of the Cheering Squad for the Kizukai Campaign ("Kizukai" literally means to "use wood" in Japanese, but it is also a homonym for "being considerate"). Mr. Osawa was invited as an important supporter of the campaign to encourage the use of domestic wood, which is being promoted in tandem with the Green Fundraising Campaign as part of the national campaign for creating beautiful forests.

First, the Japan Cherry Blossom Queen attached a green feather pin to the Prime Minister's lapel, after which Mr. Osawa presented him with a baseball bat made from domestic wood, along with items such as a mug and a ball.

When he presented the Prime Minister with the baseball bat, Mr. Osawa cheered him by saying, "Prime Minister, as we say for big games, "Kenkon Itteki" -- stake all for destiny. Take a full swing and hit a home run in the political field. We trust you to make a beautiful country, Japan, a reality." Prime Minister Abe replied, "Thank you. I will try my best to hit as many home runs as possible."